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Pisa Design is a company built on one woman’s determination and her passion for handicraft. Located in Kalajoki, Finland. The company combines traditional handicraft with modern design and recycled materials – thus creating design textiles that fit into modern lifestyle. The entrepreneur, Satu Somero, makes the design work, product development and production management. Product lines are made by suppliers in Finland and in Baltic areas. Textiles are made from high-quality linen and from ‘Pisa Fabric’, recycled material developed by Pisa Design.

Pisa Design product lines:

• Pisa wellness textile
• Pisa home textile
• Pisa fashionstyle textile



Lawn Linen is the Best Linen

Pisa Design main material is lawn linen. One of the good characteristics of linen is its antibacterial nature. It is a durable fabric with good absorbency, it is dirt-repellent, and it has a beautiful shine. That is why linen has always been a fabric treasured by common people and kings alike.

Pisa Fabric

Unique things are created from surprising combinations. Whether we are talking about human relationships, spices or materials; sometimes, these are more than just the sum of their parts. This happened with Pisa Fabric too.

Pisa Fabric is made of recycled video tape combined with natural materials. Pisa Design gives old movies a new life by weaving the stories into another. Pisa fabric combines usability and recycling with good quality and handicraft. 

According to company’s ideology, Pisa Design products are a joy to make and they are a joy to use. They are ecological and ethically made. Products are made to last in everyday use, yet they fit for every occasion.


To buy the products

Pisa Design´s retailers you can find them here. Or you can just click to our webshop and order products to your home door.