…and we are happy to present our new collection. We have taken our new colors directly from the nature, the different shades of water, wood, earth, and flowers. We composed the colors so that they form sofisticated blended shades with the typical lustre of linen. The strong and calm lavender with a drop of dramatic black give the contrast to the otherwise soft colorworld. Light colors are also needed because they bring the bight light to the home.

New products
The new functional Pencil Case is made of Pisa Fabric, textile with linen and videotape, width 23 cm.
Big and multi-functional basket, made of Pisa Vahva Linen (85 % linen, 15 % cotton) has made comeback to our collection. Two colors, size 52 x 45 cm.
Bag nro10 is our new big bag made of Pisa Fabric in size 42 x 40 cm.
Many has in her wish list a square Tablecloth, it is now available in size 150 x 150 cm, material is Pisa Light Linen (60 % linen, 40 % cotton).

Redesigned products
Our Linen Jacket has got a new style and great big pockets. The material is still Pisa Strong Linen, where is only 15 % cotton.
Also the Napkins have gone through the changes, they have now a new size, the useful 45 x 45 cm. Material is still the Pisa Light Linen.

I hope our new collection with the new color palette will charm you.

POLAND 6.–26.12.

We’ll participate in the Finnhome FinlandiaSpot Christmas event in Poznan Poland. A new meeting place, Finlandia SPOT for Business is just opened in Poznan. There can the enterprises and organizations from Finland Oulu region and Poland meet and in the future also collaborate. In December Pisa Design flyes with the other Oulu region companies to Poznan to show what we can offer. Again a new country, new people to meet. It’s always nice to find new contacts!


USA 4.12.–26.12.
In San Francisco USA will Team Finland arrange Westfield Winter Wonderland featuring products from Finland pop up sales event in Westfield SF Centre. With us there will also be presented other Finnish design brands too, as well as food, fashion and events.
Finland Under The Dome: A Holiday Pop-Up!
Instagram: Lifestyle Finland and #FinlandUnderTheDome
Facebook: Team Finland Silicon Valley

South Korea 5.–25.12.

Just meeting the South Koreans – who love finnish design!
Pisa Design is taking part in the pop up sales event TRE Christmas Market Seoul. We have here in Soeul over 100 Finnish interior design, fashion and design brands. The event is organized by Lifestyleshop World of TRE, Finpro and Hana Bank. The location, with 1000 m2 just for us, is close to the big shopping centres and Coex event center which is very high on customer traffic.

In February this year Pisa Design took part in a Finpro organized event in South Korea first time. In those few days we found that the South Koreans really love the Finnish design. We sold out all our bags. Especially linen bags where the ones they loved, hope we have them enough with us now:)

Pisa Design shall show its collection also for the media and B2B customers hoping to find a great commercial agent or a retailer. Finpro has organized this Lifestyle Finland event with 22 Finnish fashion and design companies.

In last June Pisa Design and almost twenty other Finnish design brands created together a show room that was held during the annual event for lifestyle and interiors design in Copenhagen, 3 Days of Design. The showroom was housed in Design Werck.

Since June the products have been on display and it is just wonderful to notice how much positive reactions this has received. This week Pisa Design will attend to Finnish afternoon in Copenhagen.
If you missed the show you can find all of the brands also on following websites.

FEATHR, designer wallpaper, www.feathr.com
Lumokids, modern kids furniture, http://lumokids.com
Bonden Living, fabrics and soft furnishing, http://bonden.fi/
Plantui, indoor garden, http://plantui.com/
Magisso, Internationally awarded problem solving design from Finland / keywords: nordic design, kitchenware, finnish design, http://magisso.com/
Lovi, 3D wooden models, http://lovi.fi/
Finarte, rugs, https://www.finarte.fi/
Pelago, bikes, https://www.pelagobicycles.com/
Myssyfarmi, handknitted wool hat´s, https://www.myssyfarmi.fi/
Gedigo, Finnish design, leather design products, https://www.gedigo.fi/
Lango Home, wool blankets and bedlinen, http://lango-home.com/
NORD-T, craft tea blends, https://nord-t.com/
Secto Design, Iconic wooden lighting collection with a clear and timeless Scandinavian feel, https://www.sectodesign.fi/
Aarikka, hand-made wood jewellery and home decor products from Finland, https://www.aarikka.com/
Teemu Jarvi, Wilderness prints, http://www.teemujarvi.com/en
Nikari, wooden design furniture, http://nikari.fi/
Kasperi, classic leather bag´s, http://kasperi.net/

Thank you for all!

Reecygled, sustainable textile, secondlife, hammock, hand weaved

Design Werck, Copenhagen

Drops of happiness in daily life – High quality linen textiles

Pisa Design combines traditional crafting methods and materials with modern design and creative concepts – thus creating design textiles that fit into modern lifestyle. The company is built on one woman’s determination and her passion for handicraft. Located in Kalajoki, Finland. It all began in 2003, when young and inventive entrepreneur and designer, Satu Somero, began to weave kitchen textiles in her living room. Pisa Design products communicate quality, comfort, eco-friendliness and happiness. Beautiful textiles create the desired atmosphere and bring joy to their user. Linen textiles and recycled bags are all designed by the company founder Satu Somero.

The collection presented at Maison & Objet fairs launches a new season, with beautiful colors. Material include, for instance, Pisa Fabric, hand-woven from recycled videotape and linen. Old films from Casablanca to Vertigo are woven in looms to tell entirely new stories. The result is a durable, light and glistening material that has a story of its own. Handbags, electronics cases and many other practical textiles are made using Pisa Fabric. You´ll be delighted!

Welcome to meet us in the Hall 2 (sector Cosy) stand E90.