South Korea 5.–25.12.

Just meeting the South Koreans – who love finnish design!
Pisa Design is taking part in the pop up sales event TRE Christmas Market Seoul. We have here in Soeul over 100 Finnish interior design, fashion and design brands. The event is organized by Lifestyleshop World of TRE, Finpro and Hana Bank. The location, with 1000 m2 just for us, is close to the big shopping centres and Coex event center which is very high on customer traffic.

In February this year Pisa Design took part in a Finpro organized event in South Korea first time. In those few days we found that the South Koreans really love the Finnish design. We sold out all our bags. Especially linen bags where the ones they loved, hope we have them enough with us now:)

Pisa Design shall show its collection also for the media and B2B customers hoping to find a great commercial agent or a retailer. Finpro has organized this Lifestyle Finland event with 22 Finnish fashion and design companies.

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