In last June Pisa Design and almost twenty other Finnish design brands created together a show room that was held during the annual event for lifestyle and interiors design in Copenhagen, 3 Days of Design. The showroom was housed in Design Werck.

Since June the products have been on display and it is just wonderful to notice how much positive reactions this has received. This week Pisa Design will attend to Finnish afternoon in Copenhagen.
If you missed the show you can find all of the brands also on following websites.

FEATHR, designer wallpaper,
Lumokids, modern kids furniture,
Bonden Living, fabrics and soft furnishing,
Plantui, indoor garden,
Magisso, Internationally awarded problem solving design from Finland / keywords: nordic design, kitchenware, finnish design,
Lovi, 3D wooden models,
Finarte, rugs,
Pelago, bikes,
Myssyfarmi, handknitted wool hat´s,
Gedigo, Finnish design, leather design products,
Lango Home, wool blankets and bedlinen,
NORD-T, craft tea blends,
Secto Design, Iconic wooden lighting collection with a clear and timeless Scandinavian feel,
Aarikka, hand-made wood jewellery and home decor products from Finland,
Teemu Jarvi, Wilderness prints,
Nikari, wooden design furniture,
Kasperi, classic leather bag´s,

Thank you for all!

Reecygled, sustainable textile, secondlife, hammock, hand weaved

Design Werck, Copenhagen

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