I believe that unique products will come up
with the most amazing combinations

The Story of Pisa Design

Pisa Design and Satu Somero

There is a wisdom hidden beneath traditional crafting methods. I wanted to combine that wisdom with the demands of a modern life. In 2003, I founded my company, Pisa Design, wich manufactures home textiles from high-quality linen and recygled materials.

Pisa Design speaks a modern design language, but respect for traditions is evident in the styling, design and materials of the collection. Particular attention is given to details and practically. I design all products myself, and they are manufactured in Finland and in the Baltic countries, in a sustainable way, using hih-quality and safe materials.

People often ask me what Pisa means in the company name. It is my nickname.


Satu Somero, Pisa

Pisa Collection

”Layer, Roots, Poetry, Yearning and Languor”

These are good words to describe new Pisa Design collection. Layers are multidimensional, multi nuance and has got many meanings. I hope that in my products there is always something that surprises the customer. It can be something that they notice when they use products, because each product has got many places where it can be used. Poetry, yearning and languor is something that gets me to dream more. With the yarns you can do your dream in the looms, or at least that is what it is to me, weaving is dreaming.

Funktionality is important to me, because I want to make products that has a meaning and you can use every day in normal life. For Pisa Design, ecological actions mean recycling and recycling materials. We try to minimum the waste in production. We use only high quality, durable materials.

The Story of Linen

Flax is one of the world´s oldest and most important crops. Archaeological finds from Georgia show that wild flax was dyed and udes for clothing already 36 000 years ago. There is proof from the Later Stone Age that flax has been grown systematically. In Egypt, during the time of pharaohs, the production of linen acquired industrial proportions.

Linen fabric finds that have remained in good condition for millennia are also an indicator of how well linen can stand the test of time. Throughout thousands of years, this wersatile plant has been used for medicinal purposes and nutrition. Flax fibres have also been used for insulation, and flax oil paint has been used for treating wooden surfaces.

One of the good characteristics of linen is its antibacterial nature, wich is why it has also been used for hosbital textiles. It is a durable fabric with good absorbency, it is dirt-repellent, and it has a beautiful shine. That is why linen has always been a fabric treasured by common people and kings alike.


This company values ecology and ethics.

Pisa fabric products are manufactured from recygled videotapes, wich are combined with natural materials. Fabrics are cut so that there is as little waste as possible, and the little waste is created is used up in prototypes and in details.

All work phases have been planned so that they would put the least amount of strain on the environment and the workers.