Sofisticated and stylish colors
We have picked our new melange colors from the nature, water, wood, earth and flowers. Also the shades of lavender will be present, the calm but still srong color wich stands out in stylish way. Light colors are also needed, they bring the spring light to our home. And we finish with a drop of black witch gives the contrast to otherwise soft color palette.

New products
The new functional Pencil Case is made of Pisa Fabric, textile with linen and videotape, width 23 cm.
Big and multi-functional basket, made of durable Pisa Srong Linen (85 % linen, 15 % cotton) has made comeback to our collection. Two colors, size 52 x 45 cm.
Bag nro10 is our new big bag made of Pisa Fabric in size 42 x 40 cm.
Many has in her wish list a square Tablecloth, it is now available in size 150 x 150 cm, material is Pisa Light Linen (60 % linen, 40 % cotton).

Redesigned products
Our Linen Jacket has got a new style and great big pockets. The material is still Pisa Strong Linen, where is only 15 % cotton.
Also the Napkins have gone through the changes, they have now a new size, the useful 45 x 45 cm. Material is still the Pisa Light Linen.

I hope our new collection with the new color palette will charm you.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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